Monday, 2 May 2011

Brodie's Bunny Basher Festival

I meant to write about this yesterday but due to dodgy internet connection (damn you BT) I am posting today instead. We went on the Saturday, for me this meant just a couple of buses but my other half who was staying in South West London had a longer journey so I waited for him in the pub with a pint of Mild (3.6% ABV). It was a good way to sit back and enjoy my first moments of the festival as I arrived as they were opening and I could watch the first few beer tickers at the bar, good natured toshing about the lack of new beers on and buying a new beer magazine to read whilst I waited.

The beers turned over fast on the day, as soon as one beer was gone another was quickly brought on. I realised halfway though that the good natured beer tickers had disappeared early on and came back in the late afternoon to try the newer beers. Sneaky! :)

From my notes here are a few of the highlights for me of this brilliant festival;

Mild 3.6% ABV, lovely flavoursome mild with a smoky aftetaste.
Cherry popper 4.0% ABV, interesting take on fruit beer almost a cherry lager in taste than a cherry beer.
Old Ardour 5.0% ABV, iron-tanged bitter, very smooth.
Romanov 12.1% ABV, I have had this in bottle form and on cask it is just as gorgeous, I love stouts like this.
Triple 13.3% ABV, strawberry tasting belgium style beer, surprisingly I really liked it as it is not my normal style of beer.
Elizabethan 22.0% ABV, this is gorgeous, smells of sherry and coffee which follow though on the mouth as you drink it. This is rather special indeed.
Summer Berry 3.5% ABV, one of my partner's favourites from this festival, soft berry flavour with a nice tang to it at the end to lift the sweetness.

The festival was very busy and also a very friendly festival too, I would use this festival to introduce newer drinkers to beer. The food was good too, didn't have the bunny burgers but we did try the other options which were rather good indeed. We had a lovely day and we can't wait to go back again.

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