Sunday, 15 May 2011

Free W(h)ine

I really don't understand breweries or pub chains that only do the 'free wine' with a dinner offer. Youngs do it and now I see Nicholsons are doing it too, ironically I saw the Nicholson's offer in the London Drinker of all places.

Surely they would be better off to do the offer as either a pint of beer or glass of wine, unless of course the main aim is to get you buy more wine after the freebie and I'm guessing there may be more mark-up on the wine. However when it is a brewery pub that runs these offers I can't see that. Surely you want to promote your wares not a vineyard?

Come on Guys, if I go to a pub there is a good chance I will be drinking beer rather than wine. So why limit your audience for the deal?


  1. A possible explanation is the quality of the wine in some pubs, often no better than a £3 bottle from a supermarket. I remember a cartoon years ago: a woman customer walks out of a pub looking disgruntled and the landlord says to other customers, "I'm sick and tired of telling people there's no demand for decent wine in pubs."

  2. Heh, yes I have seen similar ones. Of course the pub usually ends up with a win-win situation of one of the people having two glasses of wine with the other buying other drinks.

  3. I like your new picture RedNev, can I still post your name?

  4. I'll ask my solicitor to let you know.