Sunday, 25 July 2010

Even A Squirrel Is Better Dressed

At least Brewdog has given us the chance to point out that even a dead beer bottled stuffed squirrel is better dressed than Nick Griffin.

I could post the list of errors that Mr Griffin has made with his morning dress which my partner pointed out but hey, the squirrel does it better than any words.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Is it Art?

Or just pretentious?

I guessed this would happen after the Bismark beer but Brewdog have managed to brew a 55% abv beer. In a very limited run with bottles encased in squirrel or stout bodies, The End of History is the result.

Really not sure what to make of it but it reminds me of my days at college art classes were presentation could be worth more than content.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Seven Stars - Chancery Lane

This is a weird little pub around the back of The Old Bailey. Even on a Saturday it had one or two lawyers in it enjoying lunch and pint. Now, we had read the somewhat mixed reviews of this place but lured by the promise of Darkstar beers and lunch after a hard morning of socialising we found ourselves settled in the bar with a pint each. The beer is well kept and includes two beers of session strengths (3.5 – 3.8 abv) which is unusual as most beers seem to be around the five mark these days.

True the barmaid is somewhat abrupt but the service is fast and efficient, tables are clear of empty plates or glasses and they are all clean. We only saw the cook/landlady twice once when she checked on the pumps and wandered off to replace an off barrel and just after we got our food so I can’t in all honesty say whether or not she is as abrupt as her staff. However I am jealous of folks who can carry off bright coloured hair as she can, always wanted to dye my hair bright purple but a combination of the serious bosses and sheer cowardice on my part means I have never done it. Unfortunately we didn’t see the cat, shame I like pub cats and I liked the nice touch of the cat’s water being on the bar.

The food menu is just a blackboard on the wall, eclectic mix of dishes all roughly about ten pounds each but from what the other customers were having each was well made and generous in portion. If I hadn’t been with my partner I would have gone for the potato soup to start and then the oysters, but as it was we both had the ‘English Plate’ which was a brillaint version of a ploughmans. Couldn’t fault the food nor the beer, both were lovely and large. I forgot to ask whether the chutney was homemade or not. If not I really wouldn't mind knowing what brand so I could get some.

I understand from the various reviews that the Landlady isn’t too keen on the reviews which have lead folks to track down the pub for pub ticking and I can understand that. Having folks tramp in and have a loud conversation on the pub compared to the review must be really irritating and I know I can be touchy but I was annoyed by the folks we saw in there doing exactly that.

As I mentioned reviews I must give this link to my favourite pub review of the Seven Stars done in the type of Alex from the Clockwork Orange;

This is a gorgeous little pub which I can see myself curled up with a nice meal, good beer and book sometime again soon.

Seven Stars
53 Carey Street

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Running On Beer

This isn’t really a beer post as per say more a “what beer bloggers also do in their free time” post.

As mentioned in previous posts I am currently training to run the Adidas Women’s Challenge 5k in September. For someone who before this really didn’t do running I think I am going well, only able to run for straight twenty minutes in one go which works out according to the map as two miles (yay). It is a vast improvement from the beginning where one minute of running was a real challenge. The ipod application Couch to 5k plan was probably the best money spent on apps, well apart from Angry Birds but I digress.

My plan if all goes well is to run the 5k in under thirty minutes which I should be able to do by my calculations if I keep up the early morning runs three times a week. Five o'clock in the morning is a beautifully quiet time, sun rising with a hint of bird song (well, bird versions of various mobile ring tones) and most importantly during this fragile training stage hardly anyone about apart from fellow runners who look upon red faced huffing newbie’s with encouraging thumbs up and smiles.

Best thing is the weight loss and toning though, all without giving up beer or the occasional meal out. Can’t think why I didn’t take this up before, no gym and having to wait for equipment nor the self-comparisons to other folks just pounding the pavement with a clear mind focused on your goal. Of course come winter and ice I may have a different view but until then I shall enjoy the pleasant summer mornings out on a run and the evenings in the pub.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

RCH's Old Slug Porter

4.5% ABV

Sadly I missed this at the last Wandsworth Beer Festival however Nicholsons have come up trumps by having it as one of their Summer Ales range. There is a good selection this summer from them and I look forward to trying most of them as and when I get the chance.

As I would expect this is a very dark pint with dark red flashes when lifted to the light with a thin but foamy white head which disappears about half way though leaving a thin ring around the edge. It is nicely full bodied with a real hit of chocolate cherries in the first taste which rounds off with a slight bitter smokiness. The cherries come though in the mouth after you finish the pint drawing you back to the bar for another but that could just be me.

This is a nicely refreshing pint which whilst it comes as a surprise to be in a summer range for a pub does work rather well indeed. I think the food suggestion/match for warm chocolate brownies would be a bit much personally. Such a chocolately beer matched with chocolate really seems to be over egging the pudding to me.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

July's Summer Warmers

Looking out onto a grey high street I think we need some sun in the form of a lovely seasonal beer. There are some lovely refreshing and tasty beers out there for this brief summer month. I even managed to celebrate the first weekend in July with one of them. Hook Norton’s Haymaker, this was a lovely surprise to see on the bar at The Falcon. It is a very fruity beer with a fresh clean finish so it isn’t cloying as some fruity beers can be. As I started off my seasonal hunt in a nice way here are some other’s to try and find;

Hook Norton’s Haymaker 5.0%
Loddon Brewery’s Flight of Fancy 4.2%
Little Valley’s Two Lads 3.5%
Leeds Brewery’s Yorker 4.0%
Harveys Brewery’s Tom Paine Ale 5.5%
Wychwood Brewery’s Regal Lager 4.0%
Darkstar Brewery’s Paradise Weiss 5.0%

Not sure about Wychwood’s lager, it could be interesting or may be a disappointment but until you try it, you can’t have an opinion in my book.