Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Only ONE To Say.....

Alan Moore and I'm at the London talk........


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cask's Norwegian Fest

In my first ( maybe last ) live blogging attempt we have headed to the Cask Pub & Kitchen for their Norwegian beer festival. Before now I haven' t really tried that many foreign beers, there was the Japanese sweepstake beers and mainly American beers but not many from elsewhere, so the Cask provides an excellent opportunity to correct this glaring missed phase in my beer drinking.

First up is Aegir's Sumbel Porter, and this almost wants to make me weep. A light full flavoured dark beer that whilst lively when pours drinks like a dream and I know that I have almost no chance of seeing this again on a bar in this country. Unlike most porters in this country there are no red flashes glistening in the glass when lifted to the light but chocolate ones instead. The flavours of chocolate are similar to Saltaire's chocolatic beer but follow though with a light sherry note instead. Served cold from keg it is delightful but even better when the beer warms slightly and the Christmassy boozy taste comes though in spades. Beautiful beer and one I will remember with great fondness.

So far the Norwegians are proving to be as good as UK brewers.

Second round and now I have my partner in on the game so he has one of these beers too allowing more beer trying. Hubby opts for Rallar Amber ale it is a very pleasant bitter with a sour mashed banana note to it for me although he says "I'm getting fruity notes with a tart chocolate undertone" channelling his inner food and drink critic. I actually opt for a lager namely the Brime Red wish more lagers were like this. Malty carmelly goodness in a glass! These two conclude our delve in Aegir's beers as I don't fancy the IPA but still have Haand beers to try. :)

We decide to only go for two mainly due to percentage and also because I have to get up at 5am tomorrow for a run. Hubby's tipple is the Menno &Jens which is a wheat beer. Judging from excited squeaks it is a good wheat beer for me I dislike it as I do all wheat beers. Mine is the sublime Bestefar a dark barley wine affair of a beer, again another beer I will think of with a fond tear in my eye. Smooth, sweet with an alcoholic kick of a mule yet dangerously drinkable.

I'm glad we headed here today for these beers, truly not something to miss. The prices for these beers are not cheap but given this is a rare chance to try such unusual beers in this country it is a price well worth paying. Also it is worth noting that these beers wouldn't be much cheaper in their own country. Money aside these beers have influenced my taste buds to look for the qualities I tasted in here in beers from both this country and others. Excellent stuff.

Typical Happenings in My World

My husband took great glee in yesterday, he had in my all his loveliness brought me an iPad after numerous hints from me on how much I wanted one. I was presented with my new toy with lots of laughter on how I could do live beer blogging with it due to it's lightweight nature and being able to fit into my handbag.

Of course I promptly went out without it as I didn't want to damage it and stumbled onto a beer festival at the Falcon in Clapham Junction. Oh how he laughed.