Thursday, 19 May 2011

Getting Caught Out

Trouble with having a blog, twitter account and FB is the fact your nearest and dearest know what you are up to without the helpful shield of PR. Not that I'm ever up to anything bad but being allowed to put forward my own version of events is better than someone adding 2 and 2 together and unfortunately coming up with 15.

Thanks to twitter my partner now knows about me trying of arranging a brewery tour for him and our friends to celebrate his birthday. (I drove him to drink you see) He also knows I am designing special invitations for said event, the artful question of 'Are the invites you mentioned on Twitter for your birthday party/drinks?' should have been met with 'No Darling, you techically arrange that one or are you admitting I do all the work?' instead of the sheepish 'No, your one' that I bleeted whilst kicking myself.

Thankfully my Mum doesn't use a computer and can't understand why we have the internet so at least I have that.


  1. Not a twitterer myself, but I did hear of a surprise party arranged by e-mail when the birthday boy was accidentally CC'd into the plans.