Thursday, 12 May 2011

Old Favourites

As much as I like discovering new breweries and beers I do love going back to my old favourites. Maybe not the most ‘fashionable’ of beers but ones I know that when I see them at the bar I will enjoy sitting back with and drinking. They don’t necessarily challenge my taste buds but they always leave a wonderful taste memory after they are gone.

My favourites (in no real order) are;

Fuller’s London Porter – I was grimly waiting for the taste of other black pint which I tried this at a pub the first time and was knocked over by how different it was. This beer did also inspire me to try other stouts and porters but it remains a firm favourite whenever I see it.

McMullen’s Cask – My local brewery and this is probably the beer I drink the most of. Lovely subtle pint which can be warming on a cold day or refreshing on a hot one. Perfect in nearly any occasion.

Timothy Taylor’s Ram Tam – Yes, I know this is Landlord with caramel but it is a gorgeous pint.

Fuller’s ESB – Remains my favourite bitter despite numerous other attempts to the title by others. Gorgeous marmalade flavours mingling with the bitter depths.

Those are mine, so what are yours?

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