Monday, 26 January 2015


This is an odd one for me, I have seen this term used for beer and a bourbon chaser, admittedly mainly in Byrons I give you... but I recently heard it used in a pub for a pint of bitter and a whisky ( a rather nice Tomasin which I doubt went well with the overly hopped IPA however each to their own).

Does anyone know what the term 'Boilermaker' refers to? The whisky is served in a separate glass alongside just in case people are not sure what I mean.

That said I quite enjoy whisky alongside a beer on the odd occasion, such as a stout with a peaty whisky. Sweeter whiskies go well with bitters but so far I haven't had a whisky that I would think would go well with IPAs.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year 2015 and Hopefully Getting Back To Posting...

New Year Folks!

Well, last year was interesting

This year is hopefully going to be a combination of running (and training hard for the VLM in 2016), beer drinking (huzzah!), new experiences, new books to read, and new recipes to cook.

Admittedly I hadn't been posting much recently... ok for over half a year, but I'm hoping to change that, goodness knows I have been drinking enough interesting new beer and visiting some great places to drink said beer. Unsurprisingly I won't be doing dry January, I have issues with such a daft idea which other bloggers have written about and I have never really indulged in drinking to oblivion that the proposer's of the idea seem to think folks do.

Anyway, aims for this year;
  • Blog more (this will mean posts of not just beer but places, food, and random)
  • Run more (yep, you will be getting race reports as well)
That's all, simple... lets see how it goes.