Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Week Drags ON!

It's doesn't take long for you to get used to short working weeks does it?

This week looked like a long one at the start of the week but now seems even longer this Wednesday lunchtime, we have another 2.5 days to go until the weekend. To think on Sunday I was sitting in a warm pub garden overlooking the Thames with a half in my hand and watching the world pass by, just makes me want to weep now I'm stuck at this desk.

Nothing is better in my mind than sitting in a nice pub either on my own with a book or with my partner or friends. Last weekend's visit to Kingston upon Thames was great, we went to Boaters for lunch, which was the pub on the river. Lovely food and beer was consumed, fat chips with a massive lump of fish and freshly made tartre sauce all washed down with some good beers from the Dorking Brewery and Twickenham Brewery.

One thing I enjoy from pubs is the people watching you can do, and if you are anything like me that will involve making up background stories for them. Perhaps I should have gone into script writing rather than accounts? However the weekend is a short fleeting thing and now I'm at work again. Not only I'm at work but at work for five days rather than the lovely four I was too quickly getting used to!

Still, at least I can look forward to my holiday in June and the lovely things I will be doing, none of which involve accounts or spreadsheets or annoying colleagues.


  1. "None of which involve accounts or spreadsheets or annoying colleagues." Why would you want to annoy your colleagues?

  2. Mainly because certain folk are doing bugger all of their job and getting away with it. Petty way to redress the balance but what the heck! :)

  3. Well, we must be careful what words we use nowadays. Rather than call them lazy, we should say that they are differently dutiful!