Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Darkside of Guest Beers

Normally I am a big fan of guest beers especially in my local area but there is always a dark side to the coin and that is namely when you are away on holiday. The amount of times we have arrived at our destination, unpacked, had a cup of tea and shower then headed out to find a pub for a snack and a pint only to find that they only have guest beers on. The cheerful barperson who exclaims we are lucky they have four guests on this week, and you will easily guess which ones;

London Pride
Youngs Bitter/Winter Warmer (depending on season)
And last but not least Broadside

All lovely beers but not usually local to where we are, but in the interest of fairness I guess regulars in that pub/area don’t normally drink them and they are going to keep the pub afloat not us on holiday. LocAle hasn’t spread to other parts of the UK yet it seems, I just wish that with the guests that there would be one pump on with a local brewery’s beer.

Even more ironic was a mini beer festival we happened on, with all London beers in Oxford. Oh well, had to partake otherwise it would be rude!


  1. What is just as bad is going away and finding that a pub has one of your local favourites as a guest beer. The locals may well welcome it with open arms, but you might thing "I haven't come all the way to the South Coast just to drink Robinson's!"

  2. It's my partner's view when he sees London Pride at the bar in York as well! :)

  3. Huge thanks for the comments - and yup, got it in one!
    Have we met? I'm guessing you found me via Adrian? xx

  4. Unless you were at a previous talk I doubt it, but I recognised the description of the shop. :) Shame about the talk, you do have to be careful sometimes they are cracking but othertimes you get speakers who seems to underestimate the audiences knowledge level.

    Actually I found Adrian's blog via yours :)

  5. You don't have to come from London to be slightly deflated when you enter a pub and see beers such as Fullers, Youngs and Adnams as guests. You wouldn't believe the ubiquity of these default guest beers.