Friday, 29 April 2011

Badger Brewery's Firkin Fox

4.3% ABV

We have been in Dorset for the last week, it has been a lovely break. Not much to do apart from seeing places, long walks and gorgeous pub lunches.

The Fox is the newest seasonal beer from Hall & Woodhouse, a foxy auburn beer with a fluffy foamy head which lasts to the bottom of the glass. Well named, as it does remind me of Mr Tod from Beatrix Potter books in beer form although it would have been more perfect if the pub had been serving bunny pie as well.

It is has a biscuityness to balance the bitter flavour and goes well with food. Lovely smooth drinking pint and I hope to see more of it should it make it to London.


  1. Gillingham, it's a nice base to travel from. Two stops from Salisbury. :)

  2. Firkin Fox is on at Ship and Shovel, Charing Cross. Had some tonight, it's superb.

  3. That's good news, do they have the glasses for it? The landlady in DOrset mentioned they hadn't received them yet and I'm wondering if they are like the Hopping hare glass or the ferret one.

  4. Cask at the Prince Edward in Bayswater today.