Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More a Cask than a Bottle

At the moment anyways.

A bit tongue in cheek really, I was thinking about all the folks that run in costumes for various marathons. Many friends who watched the Virgin London Marathon commented that it was amusing to see the Fuller's bottle sprint ahead of the Lucozade bottle. Unfortunately my googling skills have deserted me this morning so I still don't know what times either of them got.

It was nice to go out running in the Dorset countryside last week knowing as I sat down to a delish pub lunch that I had burnt off most of it by running. Other pluses included running with wonderful scenery rather than the views I currently have locally which are groups of feral children smoking in the local park nor was I treated to people who think it funny to blow smoke into my face as I run past. Folks in Dorset seem more adult about running and just let you past without comment. The smell of the countryside some mornings was a bit much but who can control a herd of cows who wish to trumpet in the dawn?

I only managed a couple of runs though due to a achy knee but it's getting better now for next week when the running resumes, not before time either, the smell of Deep Heat is getting to me.

Thinking ahead though I did manage to enter the ballot for a place in next years VLM, but I won't know if I am successful until October. Sadly even though I am losing weight I don't think a bottle costume would work, if any brewer has a cask costume then I could currently be more suitable for that. Obviously the aim is to be in a dinky 330ml can of beer costume by the end of the year.

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