Wednesday, 20 January 2010

McMullen Cask Ale

ABV 3.8%

I have been drinking a fair bit of this recently as I’m at home and my local pub calls. I know that sometimes McMullen beers get a bit of a knocking by some tasters but when they are well kept they are lovely session beers because of their low abv’s and the charm of the beers are best brought out by having a couple of pints during a good conversation with friends.

According to the brewery blurb there is Styrian Goldings alongside English Fuggle hops used to create this beer and I much prefer this to their Country Bitter which uses two other hop varieties alongside the English Fuggle. The colour of the pint is a light biscuity amber colour with a good foamy head which settles to a smooth covering after a couple of seconds.

The tasting notes on both the beer mats and the brewery’s website talk about the citrus flavour to this beer but it is light and enough to be refreshing rather than dominate the taste. I also get a biscuit taste to this beer too just a small hit at the end of the taste I am assuming from the malts in the brewing. Overall this is a light beer both in colour and abv but not in taste although some may think it is too subtle but more fool them if they aren't prepared to sit down and enjoy.
McMullen's do some lovely beers like this one and I am glad this seems to be a regular at many of their pubs, I just wish their 'specials' were more easily available as well. I see from their website that a IPA is available until 26th February so far I haven't seen it which is a shame.
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