Thursday, 28 January 2010

Here Comes the Girls

On this site (for more info: ) they are trying to find the type of glass which would make women happier to use and consider drinking beer. One of the problems with special glasses is they are costly to produce and stand more chance of being nicked after the thief has that one drink in the glass but my main gripe with this, is the fact there are already some great glasses out there, which are being used by both men and women. Rather than do research into more appealing glasses for women why don’t they research glasses that people like to use?

Badger brewery do nice glasses for example their goblets for various beers and they did a fantastic pint glass for Fursty Ferrets with said ferrets climbing up the glass seemly to your pint. These are appealing to both men and women;

Fuller’s pubs do both pint and half pint goblets which are appealing to use although only really use these with Honeydew but will put other Fullers beers in if asked nicely. Both men and women seem to like the ESB goblets as well. A bit of a bad picture I know but it shows their tulip glasses which I will be getting a few of;

I guess the main upshot of this post is just to say we don’t need a special glass to enjoy drinking beer. We just want to have a drink in peace and enjoy it, not be used as an advertising point.
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