Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Crown - Waltham Abbey

This is the best pub in Waltham Abbey in my opinion, like many of the other pubs in this town it is a McMullen & Sons pub and unfortunately doesn’t do any other ales apart from their ones. However this is not a bad thing as they are extremely well kept indeed. The Crown is the only one in the Abbey to sell all of McMullen’s standard range of beers which is a plus for me since I discovered Hertford Castle ale in bottle which now happens to be one of my favourites out of their range of beers.

They have very friendly staff who always make you feel very welcome from first moment you wander though the doors. As mentioned in some of the reviews I have seen on the web the football team of choice here is Spurs which is pretty obvious due to the old White Hart Lane station sign, this is only a small part of the pub however and this place is certainly not a 'sports pub' as per say. Sports are often played on the pub's tv but the volume is usually low or not on, so it suits both sports lovers (my partner) and those of us who aren't (me). I usually nab the sofa around the corner if Chelsea are playing, this means my partner will get in the rounds as he wants to see the score and you can't hear nor see the tv from the sofa... sneaky I know but alls fair in love and blooming sport!

The pub itself is a country style decorated place and it is a fairly old building so expect beams yet the outside does look a little shabby with the signage needing a new lick of paint but this is at odds with the inside which is very comfortable and warm… perfect for a few warming pints on a chilly day or evening. It is slightly off the main centre of the town but this just means you don't get crowds of underage teenagers trying to get served or pub crawls, instead you get a more friendly bunch of pub goers instead.

Whilst they do serve food it is only at lunchtimes and during the week not on weekends, it is a basic menu which is always done well. I figure the reasoning for the food hours is for the workers lunchtimes and this is borne out by the menu, all good filling food which can be prepared fast so that precious lunch hour can be spent relaxing rather than trying to bolt down a meal as it has arrived five minutes before you need to get back.

And also I admit this is my regular….. :)

The Crown
Waltham abbey

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