Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Badger, Badger, Badger….

You should try this, go on just try a sip/pint, there’s no harm in trying…blah blah blah!

I really do dislike this approach; it reminds me of a parent trying to get their child to eat something new, all that happens is a tantrum and who can blame them?

Getting someone to try something new especially if you like it, is only human, but beer drinkers seem to forget the reason why other folks drink lager is because they enjoy it. Why not take a different approach? Remember there are cracking alternatives to the usual lager suspects. And sneakily, by trying these alternatives you are more likely to get that reluctant friend to try something new by trading a tit for tat sip.

More importantly you are doing what you are asking your friend to do. Moaning at someone just because they won’t try something different, yet you are doing the same thing by not trying their tipple of choice. You can see the problem.

Go on, stop badgering and try something new yourself!

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