Thursday, 14 January 2010

January Ales

Better than the January Sales usually.

My cold is slowly disappearing so hopefully I can hunt down some more of these before they disappear from the pumps for another year. Some of these are only available on pump which is great news for pubs as you have to venture further than your supermarket to try them.

Special seasonal beers available in pub only seem to me a good way of getting people though the door although you can increasing find some in bottle these aren’t as special as that pint which is only around for a month or less depending on pub. This is a list I have made so I am aware I am probably missing quite a few but this shows some of the selection which is around in this month.

In no particular order;
Wychwood’s January Sale 3.8%
Hook Norton’s Double Stout 4.8%
Marston’s 175 Not Out 4.2%
Greene King’s Abstinence Ale 3%
Loddon’s Chantry Cheer 4.2% (Really want to try this one)
Bateman’s Winter Cheer 4.2%
Little Valley Brewery’s Mellow Yellow 3.6%
Vale Brewery’s Ale-Conner 3.8% (Apparently a Ale-Conner was a person appointed by a town to test ale quality – wouldn’t mind that job personally)
Titanic Brewery’s Full Steam Ahead 4.4%

There are more out there I see from a quick google and I have seen a few breweries I didn’t know existed most of which don’t seem to do a January beer/ale but from the looks of it February is going to be bursting with new ones to try. Now just to get rid of the last of this wretched cold and I will be able to try some of these one’s here!

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