Monday, 4 January 2010

Loddon Brewery - Razzle Dazzle

ABV 4.3%

This beer was a really good surprise present for me, December had been a bit of a wash out for seasonal beers despite my best efforts to find some festive cheer in a glass but this one really turned my head.

Quite a lively beer to pump by the looks of it from watching the barman but once in the glass it settled to a golden syrup colour with a slightly off white head. From the first sip it had a gorgeous syrupy spicy marmalady taste which bittered off slightly at the end and was very moreish indeed. This is easily a two or three pint beer whose taste doesn’t tire out at any point. Highly enjoyable from first to the last, just a shame this was the last of it in the pub, as we left I noticed the pump clip being turned around. Sadly it is a December beer so looks like unless I come across it elsewhere that’s it for eleven whole months.

For my first beer from the Loddon Brewery it certainly made its mark and I will be hunting out more of their beers trying them all with be a task though! I see from their website they do a monthly beer and seasonals as well as five regular beers. These guys are busy bunnies when it comes to brewing!

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