Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hopback – Entire Stout

4.5% ABV

I enjoy stouts but so often you only find Guinness on the bar selection which just is not the same is it now? My only other experience of this brewery was their ever popular Summer Lightening before we stumbled into warm fire lit Sultan in South Wimbledon on a cold Saturday afternoon and once I saw the stout I knew I would have to give it a go.

This stout was a good way to finish off a very good day of fine beers and company, the first pint came over the bar a seductively dark with a good head. As you would expect nice red flashes when the pint was lifted up and wonderful roasted coffee scent but the taste knocked me for six! It has a rich strong burnt taste which coats the mouth pleasantly and tapers off smoothly leaving a nice chocolate nib impression which lingers.

This strikes me as a drink to go with a robust meal, perhaps steak but equally I think this would go well with some of the spicy veggie dishes I have tried at Terre A Terre especially as according to the Hopback website this is a vegan beer.

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