Monday, 25 January 2010

Dark Star Brewing Co – Winter Meltdown

5% ABV

This was a lovely pint to warm up with in front of a roaring fire after a hard morning’s shopping. The pint itself poured into a very inviting drink; chestnut coloured with lovely flashes of red/yellow as the firelight reflected though, foamy soft off white head which didn’t disappear until the end. It looked inviting and it tasted how it looked, gorgeous.

There is stem ginger in the make up of this beer and you do get a faint gingery tang to the scent of it but it’s only when you have a sip that it comes to the fore. The spicy flavours develop after the initial ginger tang settles down, a subtle warming flavour with a little sweet chocolate nudge at the end. It is not as aggressive as some beers that contain ginger can be; this makes for a beer which isn’t reserved for a bet but something highly drinkable especially in this cold weather.

Winter Meltdown doesn’t feel like a 5% beer something which says a lot about the good skills of the brewer I think. As I said in the beginning this was a welcome treat at the end of a hard shopping trip and as I approached the middle of that first pint I could already feel the stress knots leaving. The only shame was the pub we were in didn’t do food otherwise I would have been tempted to remain by the fireplace drinking this for the afternoon.

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