Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Holiday Time!


Not long until I leave the South of this fair isle and travel northwards. Apparently we are no longer travelling by cart once past Watford but by train and neither are we given whippets and flat caps to fit in.

Shame, I like whippets, very friendly dogs which seem to love pubs and crisps.

Those of you who know me on Twitter also know I have a new shiny phone which is apparently capable of blogging with some input from me. However to all those email suggesters that I need to add bumpt my postings with videos or crap information from dodgy sources I will not be taking advantage of you.

So I will be heading to sunny Chester and as luck would have it we are staying a stone's throw from some very nice places. I'm looking forward to trying a pint of Cheshire Cat which I'm hoping will give me a grin like said cat. :)

Now just to finish the last couple of days here.....


  1. Have fun in Chester; some great pubs, but do find time to wander around the walls as well, preferably before beer. I was drinking there myself not very long ago and left my brolly in a taxi - red and white with NUCPS on it (the brolly, not the taxi). If you come across it, let me know.

  2. I forgot to say that the central office for flat caps and whippets (or Ofmutt) has been moved to Birmingham, so have your valid visa ready.