Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Brewdog for Cheap Cats

My morning email from Groupon have the offer for the tasting evenings at Brewdog bar in Camden, instead of the usual £20 with this offer it will be £12.

I've not done one of these cheese and beer evenings because whilst I like the bar it is a bugger to get there after work but for your money you get five Brewdog beers and cheese to munch on, whats not to like?

If you are interested I would head over to Groupon and bag a voucher.


  1. What's not to like? The juvenile delinquents who run Brewdog for one. I've had their Trashy Blonde on cask a couple of times and liked it, but I understand they no longer produce real ale.

  2. Coppin' a bargain. You're learnin'

  3. I've had their beers from cask at festivals before but maybe they have stopped that and I agree they don't produce real ale as in Camra's defination but I still like their stuff. Guess working with salemen has immunised me from their behaviour.

    And Cookie! You are alive still! :)