Monday, 24 September 2012

Great Orme Brewery's Welsh Black

4.0% abv

I would describe this as a mild, but it pours very flat and despite my best efforts I couldn't raise more than a lacing on the glass which disappeared very fast, leaving behind a dark chocolate coloured pint.

Whilst I enjoyed this beer it is very thin in the mouth, which is due to the abv and lack of carbonation in the beer. However the coffee notes though are lovely which must be from all the malts they use to make this beer and it has a long bitter chocolate finish but there was just something about it that just didn't work for me, could be I had some poorly stored bottles (brought online) but it just was a bit off.

All in all it is a good mild but the Merlyn from this brewery which has more caught my fancy.


  1. Bottled mild rarely works all that well, in our experience. If you get a real dud, sometimes save-able by turning it into 'half and half' with a more reliable bottled bitter.

  2. It was a shame as I like milds in pubs, I had big hopes after the Merlyn which was a lovely pint but alas. I haven't really tried milds in bottles apart from Harveys but it is good to know it may not have been my tastebuds!