Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Personal Drinking Culture

Apparently drinking culture after work is changing within the banking circles at least with workshops on how to keep quiet in public places whilst having a drink.

However it is also true that the everyday drinking has changed around the country. In London and bigger towns I think this isn't as marked as bars and pubs seem to be busy most days here. But locally visit a pub during the week and apart from its regulars they are more empty than I remember on my first visits to pubs when I was younger and I'm not that old!

What I like about pubs is the fact it's not home where I have got numerous jobs to do, not at least revision but its still a comfortable and relaxing place. I can chat to the staff, other drinkers or even my partner if I wish or I can sit there with a book and a drink. Going back to those bankers I can't imagine anything worst than going for a drink with friends and be effectively gagged as topics of discussion are wholesale cut from the conversations.

If you can't relax with your colleagues and friends then why bother going out?

Now I know that my drinking culture is that a hermit but even I see that making people think twice before going out for a quick drink after work.


  1. And as for a drink at lunchtime!

  2. That is true, lunchtime drinks whilst at work are out for most of us.

    My staff handbook actually states that I should not drink nor bring alcohol onto the premises during working hours, daft because all of us do our shopping at lunchtime including food and drink and leave in either in the fridge or under our desks.

  3. That is worse than daft, because you could in theory face disciplinary action because of the bottle of cheap plonk you going to have with that evening's dinner at home: a perfect excuse for a manager who's got it in for you (and I've come across one or two vindictive managers).

  4. They would have to stop doing it first but yes in theory if we had a problematic manager it could cause an issue. :)