Friday, 28 September 2012

Running On Beer Again...

It is that time of year when you finally find out if you have got a ballot place in the VLM or as most know it the London Marathon and finally after three attempts (and I know many have attempted for longer) I have got in.

I received the Congratulations magazine yesterday and after my initial 'MEEP' thoughts, started to tell everyone. My fee has been paid, running plan downloaded and trainers are ready to go from half marathon distance to full. Of course this means running over the festive period but hopefully getting that long long run of 22 before snow fall in March but I'm positive and feeling good about getting to take part in this iconic race.

My time is estimated at 4.10 hours, wish me luck folks!


  1. Oh goodness I will need it! For about 8 years now I have been at mile 13/22 cheering points and the runners are suffering at 22 so I know that I need that luck.. :)

  2. Best of luck. One of my favourite runs of the year is on Christmas Day - very little traffic on the roads and few people about. Those you do see wish you a Merry Christmas. It's brilliant.

  3. That would be nice :) normally I get dog walkers giving me weird looks.