Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What's The Longest?

That you have ever searched for a beer that has gone into mythical status in your mind?

Just curious...


  1. Well I can't wait til I can get my hands on a bottle of Courage Imperial Russian Stout, finally brewed again after an 18 year gap.

  2. I have spent a lifetime wishing I could taste a pint of Watneys Red Barrel.

  3. @Ed sounds great! I'll keep a look out for it too.

    Mine is Kate the Great imperial stout from POrtmouth Brewery but unless I get over there I doubt I will try it. It has mythical fairy dust on it in my mind.

    @Cookie, you can still get a keyring though :)

  4. Red Barrel lasted a lot longer as an export to America and for all I know may still be around.

  5. We're still waiting to try some so, given that we started getting seriously interested in beer in, say, 2005, seven years and counting. When will we ever get to try a graetzer...?

    (We binged on gose in 2008.)

  6. I'm not sure that I really relate to the question: I don't pine for the unobtainable.