Saturday, 16 June 2012

Office Moves, Studying and Misc Reasons

Are all the reasons why I haven't been posting as much as I would like. In fact my blogging reading also took a hit for most of this month, so many blog posts have been earmarked for reading and as of yet I haven't got to them with the studying I have been doing, mores the pity.

The enjoys of marginal and absorption costing plus the other occult delights of accountancy have been a major drain on my time but not as much as moving a whole office in which it appeared I was the only organised person who did most (all) of it.

My partner wondered why I took a sledgehammer to a unwanted hard drive rather than follow his advice on a better way to destroy it..... The reason was stress management, ok I may have also shattered three bricks and one of the paving slabs in the garden but by heck it's a great way of relieving stress.

Of course I still have a souvenir of this, a bruise where the hard drive following one mighty blow jumped up and hit me on the leg.

Still now my 10 day week is over and now to beer, although last Sunday we did manage a trip to Stratford and Tap East for a few lovely halves of various beers.


  1. Hello, I thought perhaps you'd had a Road To Damascus moment and been converted to Heinekin. It sounds like you need a holiday - Liverpool's good for weekend break with great pubs.

  2. We are heading up to Chester in September but before then I will still be studying (always bloody studying).

  3. And never lager, I would rather drink wine than that...

  4. I could meet you and Mr Meer for a drink in Chester or Liverpool, which is 45 minutes by train from Chester, if you have the time and inclination.