Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sandringham Diamond Ale

5% ABV

Brewed by the Elgoods Brewery with Barley grown on the Sandringham Estate and hops that were planted to mark Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee. This is one of the beers that I was glad to see on the shleves of my Marks & Sparks, and now after tasting I am looking forward to a couple of them on the tea table for watching the boat parade down the Thames.

First thing that strikes me is how creamy the beer is, the toffee taste is more like fudge. It is light and clean tasting but the fudge notes fade away slowly. It is a very fizzy beer as seen by this photograph;

Looks a bit like some commerical lagers apart from the fact it has a crisp hoppy scent and a smooth fudge taste. The hops and barley provide lovely counterpoints to the main taste, the barley flavours seem to me to be almost burnt in a very pleasant way.

Lovely beer to be celebrating with. Food wise I'm sure it is going to work well with the tea spread that we have planned. Lots of sandwiches, cakes and treats. :)


  1. Your photos are getting good. Especially like the one that captures the fizz in motion.

  2. Thank you :)

    I was a professional photographer up until a few years ago but in portraiture. Just now getting back into photography again. :)

  3. PS Beer is nicely to photograph than smelly kids :)

  4. As I'm not a royalist, I'll be avoiding jubilee beers, but I could be tempted by that.

  5. Is it the fudge that tempts? :)

  6. I shall resist your siren voice.

  7. I doubt they will revoke your roundhead membership if you try a bottle :)

    Of course this could be a royalist plot :)