Thursday, 3 May 2012

Greenwich Raspberry Wheat Beer

5% ABV

If you like Meantime's raspberry beer than M&S have made it easier for you to get hold of.

Personally I couldn't detect any difference between the Meantime offical version and their version for M&S, possibly as tad less sharper but that could be my imagination. This wasn't one of the beers I drank abit from a sip as I brought them for the husband who enjoyed them...

At least I believe so by the way he clutched the bottle.


  1. I almost picked this up but went for the Meantime Red instead in M&S. I see the Cornish IPA has had a make over also, but dropped to 4.9%.

  2. We picked that one up too, very much like their Yakima Red we tried at the Greenwich Union.