Monday, 14 May 2012

Countdown to the London Bupa10K

It seems like there are a fair few beer bloggers and writers running at the moment, I'm curious as to whether they are all doing a race I haven't heard of to be honest!

But my getting up early at Stupid o'clock to go running is still happening after a break where I was fighting off a cold/sniffel/flu. Actually running in the morning sets you up for the day, much more alert at my desk pouncing on purchase invoices before they can escape my grasp. Although by lunchtime I am ready to eat my calculator if I have to wait much beyond 1pm for my food.

This weekend was a joy of going out early for a run, leisurely breakfast, banging my head against a brick wall or phoning BT helpdesk and then heading out to a Cucumber Festival in town and apint in my local. Lovely, shame the weekend and the nice weather had to disappear but I did get one more run in the sunhsine this morning before it turns to grey and drizzle so can't moan too much.

Now, my running is mainly because I actually quite enjoy running along, I'm improving slowly but improving but because I have a couple of races paid for and in the diary. Bupa being the first one, first city race I have done too, I'll be in running gear with no pockets for cash so any slow times will not be due to me popping in a pub for 'just one pint'...ahem.

So anyone else running at the moment and why?

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