Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Beer & Running Folks

Surprisingly I have kept on running since last year and it has been a great way to get to know the youth in my area, if by know we mean having abuse yelled at you and the highly amusing 'Run Fatty' which they seem to enjoy yelling to any female out for a run. Still it is easy to ignore the buggers especially as any attempt for them to run means they are bend double hacking a lung out after two minutes. I have no excuse not to run as I have paid my hard earned money for a place in a half marathon, I will be up to the running of 13.1 miles by October by hook or crook!

One thing I have realised is by and large runners are a friendly bunch who are more than happy to smile or give a thumbs up as you pass on the pavement but like the world of beer you get ones who don't. Mainly as I shockingly discovered overhearing a conversation between two blokes at the bus stop because they view those who don't spend their weeks clocking up miles you would expect a rep in a car then you aren't a runner. If you walk for a couple of minutes in a long run then some get get snotty about you labelling yourself a runner as well. You get folks like this at beer festivals as well, if you don't go miles for a pint of the rare beer or etc. You get my point, there are folks who have funny ideas about almost anything.

For me running has allowed me to so far get beyond thirty minutes of running without collapsing on the floor screaming and to enjoy the first sip of a pint after a race with a smug glow of achievement. Not bad for someone who as a child would find any excuse to avoid PE at school!


  1. I used to go jogging, and did a half marathon once and several 10 mile races. People who don't do anything with their lives often mock those who do.

    I occasionally get comments when I'm walking down the street with a guitar. In a pub once where I was playing, a young lad said I wasn't much good on the guitar, so I offered him mine and asked him to show me how it's done.

    He replied: "I can't play." The people with me just laughed.

  2. Most of the kids/teenagers on my estate don't do much than trying to get adults to buy them cigs or alcohol from the local shop or riding around on their bikes or quad bikes that their parents brought them. I guess it's just they don't understand the concept of wearing sports gear to do sports in.

    A few of the girls wear the same gear as me as fashion wear, I just don't understand it, it has wicking for when you sweat not as a fashion statement.

    Kids confuse me.

  3. "Kids confuse me."

    And you're a lot closer to their age than I am!