Friday, 8 April 2011

Royal Wedding Beers

Brewer’s love a wedding as much as the rest of us and so with the upcoming nuptials they have been busy bees in the brewery. Surprisingly given some of the weird and dodgy names that brewers come up with so far the ones I have found advertised on the internet have been quite tasteful and refined, so far so good! Here are a the few I have found;

Windsor & Eton Brewery’s Windsor Knot 4%
Adnam’s Royal Wedding Ale 4.1%
McMullen Brewery’s Royal Celebration Ale 4%
Wadworth Brewery’s Better Half 4%
Castle Rock Brewery’s Kiss Me Kate 5%
Wold Top Brewery’s I Will 4.8%
Same name as Chiltern Brewery’s I Will 3.6% although Chiltern’s beer will be in numbered bottles.

I hope to see if I can try a couple of these although I will be travelling that day so I doubt I will see the wedding it’s self unless the train happens to develop TVs and license.

Some folks have mocked the breweries for producing these beers saying that people won’t want to celebrate with beer, personally I would rather have a beer at a outdoor celebration than wine which is normally served too warm and it’s too much. Whereas beer is more easily drinkable.

Any others people would like to mention or any thoughts on have wedding beers in this day and age?


  1. We stock Durham 'Something Blue' - it's a great beer. At 10% it's not for the faint of heart though!

  2. Again a good name, unless it has a really bad pumpclip parade type label? Sounds good though. :)

  3. Nope, they use the standard Durham format for the label, it looks like any other normal beer. They're good at being subtle for their specials. :)

  4. I was thinking of doing a post on my blog about local pubs where you can get away from the wedding.

    For info, Southport Brewery is doing one called (Mills & Boons-ishly) Royal Kiss. Even though Southport beers are usually good, I doubt I'll be drinking it, and it's unlikely to be available your way.

    I agree that wine, especially white wine, supposedly more sophisticated than beer, copes with warm weather less well.

  5. Sadly I haven't managed to try any of their beers, even when I was in York I couldn't find a pub serving any.

    I suspect Sam Smith pubs will be weddingless due to the lack of licenses for showing it?

  6. Lidl's spammed my inbox with Shepard Neames 'Middleton to windsor' 4%