Thursday, 7 April 2011


For some reason Blogger won't let me put in paragraphs and lumps them together. My last post is a tad difficult to read because of this. Sorry.


  1. My paragraphs are now appearing with two line breaks. Maybe we could do a swap?

  2. Are you using the HTML editor or the WYSIWYG? I can't say I've ever had a problem – in either mode, if you put in paragraph spaces in the editing screen, it maintains them when you publish the post. Try going back and editing your previous post.

  3. I'm using the compose new blog bit which I normally do. I have edited numerous times but to no avail so I think it's stuck for some reason. :(

    Double lines are better than one big block of text Ed!

  4. Now I have double lines, bugger.

    Oh well.

    Thanks everyone :)

  5. I had a problem last year when blogger wouldn't publish what I'd written, just keeping them as drafts. I spent an afternoon trying to sort it out; I even changed the template, which didn't work. I therefore set up a new blog, when the old one after a couple of days suddenly corrected itself and published my posts, and has given me no trouble since. So there are two RedNev blogs now, one of which I don't use; I just keep it as a spare!

    I think Blogger just has these occasional fits.