Thursday, 8 July 2010

RCH's Old Slug Porter

4.5% ABV

Sadly I missed this at the last Wandsworth Beer Festival however Nicholsons have come up trumps by having it as one of their Summer Ales range. There is a good selection this summer from them and I look forward to trying most of them as and when I get the chance.

As I would expect this is a very dark pint with dark red flashes when lifted to the light with a thin but foamy white head which disappears about half way though leaving a thin ring around the edge. It is nicely full bodied with a real hit of chocolate cherries in the first taste which rounds off with a slight bitter smokiness. The cherries come though in the mouth after you finish the pint drawing you back to the bar for another but that could just be me.

This is a nicely refreshing pint which whilst it comes as a surprise to be in a summer range for a pub does work rather well indeed. I think the food suggestion/match for warm chocolate brownies would be a bit much personally. Such a chocolately beer matched with chocolate really seems to be over egging the pudding to me.


  1. "A chocolately beer matched with chocolate really seems to be over egging the pudding."

    Really? I do seem to remember you writing this!!

  2. ~blushes~ Yes I did but in my defend one of the reasons I find brownies difficult is they tend to cover the mouth, I do dislike the thick feeling.

    But yes I do eat chocolate with beer... fair point! :D

  3. And I managed to delete Bailey's comment by accident.. sorry about that! :(

  4. As long as it was an accident.... It wasn't much good, anyway.