Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Running On Beer

This isn’t really a beer post as per say more a “what beer bloggers also do in their free time” post.

As mentioned in previous posts I am currently training to run the Adidas Women’s Challenge 5k in September. For someone who before this really didn’t do running I think I am going well, only able to run for straight twenty minutes in one go which works out according to the map as two miles (yay). It is a vast improvement from the beginning where one minute of running was a real challenge. The ipod application Couch to 5k plan was probably the best money spent on apps, well apart from Angry Birds but I digress.

My plan if all goes well is to run the 5k in under thirty minutes which I should be able to do by my calculations if I keep up the early morning runs three times a week. Five o'clock in the morning is a beautifully quiet time, sun rising with a hint of bird song (well, bird versions of various mobile ring tones) and most importantly during this fragile training stage hardly anyone about apart from fellow runners who look upon red faced huffing newbie’s with encouraging thumbs up and smiles.

Best thing is the weight loss and toning though, all without giving up beer or the occasional meal out. Can’t think why I didn’t take this up before, no gym and having to wait for equipment nor the self-comparisons to other folks just pounding the pavement with a clear mind focused on your goal. Of course come winter and ice I may have a different view but until then I shall enjoy the pleasant summer mornings out on a run and the evenings in the pub.


  1. You can't beat running and beer. Keep up the good work!

  2. Indeed, it is rather good the buzz that comes from having a beer after a hard run.

  3. And I didn't realise how many beer runners there are! Crumbs!

  4. My friends say I move at lightning speed when the last orders bell is rung.