Friday, 23 July 2010

Is it Art?

Or just pretentious?

I guessed this would happen after the Bismark beer but Brewdog have managed to brew a 55% abv beer. In a very limited run with bottles encased in squirrel or stout bodies, The End of History is the result.

Really not sure what to make of it but it reminds me of my days at college art classes were presentation could be worth more than content.


  1. I wonder if Bill Drummond of KLF fame is involved with Brewdog?

    If not he must be an inspiration.

  2. Also I think you mean stoat bottles, stout bottles while scaring a few drinkers if they didn't actually contain stout aren't really shocking enough for Brewdog.

  3. I had stout on my mind this morning as I was considering making a chocolate & stout cake again, although the grating of chcoclate which is required is off putting.

  4. And thank you to Ed's beer blog which nearly made me spit tea over my desk!