Wednesday, 31 March 2010

April’s Bunny Beers

Ah, the sometimes sunny month of April. It’s that time of year when chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate is ok for you eat with the excuse of Easter Eggs to use up. Wonderful month in itself which can only be improved with more cheery beer, so here is again a brief monthly round up of beers that are out for this spring month;

Gales’ Festival Mild 4.8%
Shepherd Neame’s Dragonfire 4.5%
Hook Norton’s 303AD 4.0%
Adnam’s Extra Special Bitter 4.3%
Hogs Back’s Spring Ale 4.0%
Moorhouse’s George’s Cross 4.4%
Titanic Brewery’s English Glory 4.5%
Loddon Brewery’s Gorgeous George 4.3%

Not had much luck myself in trying a lot of the monthly beers but this situation can only get better now my financial situation has improved. I like seasonal beers as they are as fun to find as they are to drink.


  1. I'm surprised you haven't merged your two loves and mentioned Saltaire's Chocolate Stout. I tried it recently and it's just like drinking alcoholic chocolate.

  2. I haven't heard of that one.... sounds lovely and a good replacement for Youngs Double Chocolate Stout which is not as nice nowadays.

    Thank you for that! :)

  3. And looking at their website they were inspired by Double Chocolate Stout. I'll keep a look out for it as it doesn't look like a bottled beer. :)