Wednesday, 7 July 2010

July's Summer Warmers

Looking out onto a grey high street I think we need some sun in the form of a lovely seasonal beer. There are some lovely refreshing and tasty beers out there for this brief summer month. I even managed to celebrate the first weekend in July with one of them. Hook Norton’s Haymaker, this was a lovely surprise to see on the bar at The Falcon. It is a very fruity beer with a fresh clean finish so it isn’t cloying as some fruity beers can be. As I started off my seasonal hunt in a nice way here are some other’s to try and find;

Hook Norton’s Haymaker 5.0%
Loddon Brewery’s Flight of Fancy 4.2%
Little Valley’s Two Lads 3.5%
Leeds Brewery’s Yorker 4.0%
Harveys Brewery’s Tom Paine Ale 5.5%
Wychwood Brewery’s Regal Lager 4.0%
Darkstar Brewery’s Paradise Weiss 5.0%

Not sure about Wychwood’s lager, it could be interesting or may be a disappointment but until you try it, you can’t have an opinion in my book.

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  1. Regal Lager - a palindrome, but not an original idea. I remember a folk group years ago called Regal Slip - pils lager reversed.