Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Quit Hogging!

We have all done it, arrange to meet in the pub and hold onto a table waiting for friends to arrive but come on…. trying to hold onto two tables for over two hours waiting for your friends to turn up is not on.

You do not ‘own’ the tables or chairs and quite frankly if you are trying to hold onto tables without booking the area with the landlord then it is tough luck when people sit at the other table ignoring your moans and whines. You aren’t entitled to the area after all and it is quite anti-social to do it.

If you all really want to meet in a busy pub for a drink then how about the main bulk of you turn up together? It’s not hard to do, heck even I can manage to herd into turning up roughly at the same time.


  1. You're not wrong treacle. Steve Norris once said the worst aspect of public transport was the public. You can say the same of public houses.

  2. The phrase 'Hell is other people' comes to mind as well when it comes to pub practices of some people. :-/

  3. "Hell is other people." I never thought I'd see Jean Paul Sartre quoted on a beer blog!