Monday, 12 April 2010

McMullen’s Hertford Castle

5% ABV

Out of all the ales that McMullen brew there are only two bottle only ales. One is the rather gorgeous No1 which is not available on their website and I have only ever seen it in their own brand pubs, more morish than Youngs Pale Ale and far superior to Courage. However, I am writing about their other one, Hertford Castle, this packs the punch that many miss in the other ales from this brewery.

It pours into the glass in a dark honey coppery colour with a white foamy head which lasts until nearly the end; all this is accompanied with a fresh hoppy aroma. It is a nice smooth drink which is perfect for the hot weather we had at the weekend, refreshingly hoppy, perfect for sitting in a pub garden enjoying sunshine and listening to the bell ringers. At 5% it is stronger than the others but this is not a bad thing although I would love to try a cask version of this and I think it would attract more drinkers to it.

According to one landlord originally there was another bottled beer released alongside this one which was even better but sadly this was discontinued, it is when you heard stories like that I wish McMullen’s did special editions of discontinued beers like some other breweries do. Hertford Castle is an outstanding ale which you won’t normally see even in McMullen’s own pubs, so if you see please do give it a go.

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