Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pre-Wandsworth Beer Festival Review

I, like many others have been receiving emails from the folks at the Wandsworth Beer Festival to remind us of the event which starts today. The positive advertising that they have employed thoughout is really nice. The emails are enough to make you look forward to the event, this is a hard balance to achieve so well done there. So, to get one yesterday wasn't a great surprise but I have won free entry and a free half pint now that was a surprise.

I like surprises like that..... need more of them.

Unfortunately I have started a new job which means that I just have the crappy holiday allowance which you are entitled to by law so I really can't afford to have today and Friday off to enjoy this festival in full. However this is just building up my excitement for Saturday so I will have to practice patience and wait for then... Can't wait! :)

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