Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Temple

We see similar this in London where the underground toilets are convented and this is what this bar is. Formerly known as the Temple of Convenience, it has a claim to 'fame' if you want to call it that, by the fact of when it was a loo this was the one that Alan Turning was arrested at for cottaging. This is was also the reason my other half wanted to visit this bar after getting his picture taken at the Alan Turing statue whilst logging into Foursquare... I don't pretend to know the male mind especially not my husbands so don't ask.

Anyway the bar itself is actually very pleasant, surprisingly so given what it used to be and also oddly spacious. Staff are friendly and it claims to have one of the biggest bottle ranges in Manchester (I disagree but hey), we tried two beers from Bath which were very pleasant before we headed off to Manchester's Art Gallery.

It is a bit hard to find but it is an unusual and quirky bar, the graffiti in the bar's toilets is amazing, not something I thought I would write on my blog but there you go.


  1. If you are still in Manchester I'd happily pop over and show your husband some of the best toilets the city has, and explain who famous either had a dump there or drunken sexual experience. Why not have a dump on the same toilet seat as Morrisey and Shaun Ryder and take a photo?

  2. The Temple still is a toilet

  3. The underground toilets in Lord Street, Southport, were converted to a wine and tapas bar a few years ago. I've never been there since the conversion.