Monday, 15 April 2013

The Gaslamp

Another underground bar but this time a much larger and spacious one, I have been following The Gaslamp on Twitter for a while since someone recommended it as a good place to visit. Subterranean drinking den? Oh go then...

We went here Saturday afternoon when it was busy but not murderously so, which I suspect it may very well become in the evenings. The staff were quick and friendly also a good beer selection, from your session to more unusual servings plus if you fancied a change from beer their whisky selection was rather good too. It seemed a big trend in Manchester for good bars and pubs to concentrate on their beer and whisky selections in tandem.

The bar itself was split into two main rooms, the back one looked like it once was a kitchen with a big fireplace and was very loud once it got full whereas the room with the bar was warmer and more cosy I felt and given it had started snowing before we arrived at The Gaslamp this was most definitely a bonus.

Prices are on par with London, so if like us you are on a trip to Manchester it won’t be a shock unless you have been in one of the smaller pubs. However this is a great place, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on our visit and I would definitely come back here if we are up this way again.

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