Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Brewdog Manchester

I have a love-hate thing going on with Brewdog, like many beer drinkers I suspect, but despite the hype I do like their bar. Regardless of the industrialness of the bar itself they usually are quite cosy and the staff are friendly, if a tad too enthusiastic sometimes. So it was my plan to see what a northern bar of theirs was like on my recent trip to Manchester, the other half wasn’t happy as he didn’t get his free whippet once past Watford and he was less than impressed when we ‘accidentally’ found Brewdog Manchester…

He should have known I had a mental map of where the pubs were in Manchester I wanted to visit; my internal beer nav isn’t bad.

However once inside the fact they had a pinball machine soon cheered him up, we only stayed for a couple as we were exploring Manchester that day having arrived on the early train from London. The Cocoa Psycho was my first pick and I have to admit I found it just a tad too bitter, there are many a chocolate beer I enjoy (Rogue’s chocolate stout springs to mind) but this one was trying to get hops across as well which just wasn’t to my taste, in fact it reminded me of the time I had a taste of a modern attempt at the chocolate drink which the Aztecs had, way too bitter for me. Punk on the other hand hit the spot.

The bar itself is kitted out the same as all the other Brewdogs, despite the metal and concrete the bar itself is warm and doesn’t echo which means the important test of ‘can I hold a conversation’ is always passed in these places. I wonder if the rough concrete has a sound proofing quality; it seems to be the only major structural difference between these bars and the echoing wine bars that pass themselves off as pubs. Having said that the amount of folks with dogs they attract maybe it is the sound reducing quality of canine furry bodies at work... who knows.

If you are after a good place to relax with your mates I would say that you should give this place ago, again like their other bars the prices are depend on what serving you want but more unusual beers are keenly priced and on keg beers are reasonably priced on abv which is a sensible way to do it.


  1. All the way oop north and no visit to the internationally revered tandle hill to gaze at the bar stool of the tandleman?

  2. I'm too much in awe of the tandleman, I would have hated to go there and find over-inflated admission charges and teatowels for sale.

  3. Having watched Brewdog's juvenile and borderline racist videos, I really can't take them seriously. No great matter as I never see their beers around anyway.