Thursday, 2 August 2012

Brewery Tap - Brighton

Brighton seems to be in the middle of a craft beer explosion at the moment, each time the Hubby and I go down to it's sunny shores we find more different beery places to enjoy.

When we stayed recently (at the lovely 21 B&B), we were down there for a conference and from looking at the day's rather packed schedule I knew lunch was going to be 'interesting', the organisers allowed 45 minutes for lunch.

45 blooming minutes seriously, on a Saturday, in Brighton, in July, to order and eat without getting indigestion...... Right so they must have been in cahoots with Tescos down the road as normally getting anything nice to eat in that time frame is not really happening.

But having said that we lucked out with a discovery of this pub, Brewery Tap, which was a tiny 4 minute walk away in another street from the venue, they serve a lunchtime snack menu with Hotdogs, burgers and sarnies which come out fast from the kitchen allowing us both to sit back and relax with a couple of beers, eat at a normal pace and chat about the talks we had just heard. Fantastic.

The staff are friendly here, chatting and knowledgable about the beers they had on, which seemed to change very regularly over the two nights we stayed in Brighton. Peaceful place in the day to chat and drink beer and very very busy in the evening but at both ends of the scale, the staff were fast and great at managing the customers at the bar.

Great place and we will be back next time we are in Brighton.


  1. It wasn't there whan I was last in Brighton in 2007 ~ it sounds interesting.

  2. I think it only opened this year,but it seemed to be a busy place which is nice otherwise survival wouldn't happen.

    The Black Dove up towards Kemp Town is good too especially as the Hand in Hand seems to have taken a downward spiral at the moment. We went into the H in H as it is close to where we are staying and were served the worst kept beer either of us tried in a long time.

  3. yeah with that and craft brighton i have even more reason to return sometime this year