Monday, 13 August 2012

What a Fab Games!

Third place in the medals table and I don't care about the other ones, especially biased ones. :)

We did well, despite a slightly shaky start, but to be fair we weren't likely to win that first gold medal for cycling....our guys were probably cream crackered from the Tour de France!

So in a vague hint at the games I wonder what would your top three beers be for this Olympic period?

Hmmm mine in the tried and tested manner:

Gold: McMullen's Castle (this has been my stable beer of choice thoughout the games)
Silver: Fuller's 1845 (Thank you to the Beer Gods who made this 1.99 at the supermarket)
Bronze: Goose Island's Bourbon Stout Vanilla (despite it's flaws it is a memorable beer)


  1. My local has a varying range so drinking one beer throughout the period was difficult. I have recently enjoyed Wadworth's Fairport Five (6%), brewed specially for Fairport Convention's festival at Cropredy, which I returned from yesterday. Sorry, I didn't see any the Olympics - nobody told me they were on.

  2. I know the advertising for it was very subtle this time around.