Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Asda's Whitechapel Porter

5.2% ABV

I'm surprised to be honest that Shepherd Neame does any brewing for itself nowadays with all the supermarket beers it brews. I knew they did Sainsburys but this weekend I also found out that they do beers for Asdas as well. Now don't let the picture fool you, it is in a clear bottle but the porter is dark so Shepherd Neame are still using the same clear embossed bottles for these beers as well as their own ones.

The beer itself is pleasant if a tad bland apart from the aftertaste, it doesn't really taste like a porter to me more a darker bitter. Not bad just not very exciting either, shame as I do love Bishops Finger but this porter not in the same ball game for taste.


  1. the other one they do, 'gentleman jack' i think, that's not terribly good if I remember correctly.

  2. Shame as they can do good beers but just recently they are tending towards the meh.

  3. We used to think this was a bit of a bargain, despite the clear bottle. The cask version of their porter is great, in a straight-up session beer kind of way. (And we're not the world's hugest SN fans...)

  4. For my money this is a terrific brew; authentic, chalky porter with a great licorice and chocolate taste. Fantastic, I buy this in preference to most so-called 'premium' branded real ales.

  5. Sorry Anonymous but I did buy three bottles of this and it all tasted quite bland compared to the porter experience I was expecting. It still reminds me of a dark bitter rather than a porter. As I said shame.

    So far for myself I have found M&S has got a better range of beers from brewers than Asda or Sainsburys.