Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happy Birthday Craft Beer Co.

As some of you will be aware this weekend is the 1st birthday for the Craft Beer Co. and as such they have a unusual and rather fab range of beers in for this weekend.

If you mosey over to their website you can download a list of the beers on, although it seems to only mention the Keg beers and no cask list but given the amount of handpumps I am sure there will be cask beers to tempt many of you.

Last weekend whilst there we got to try the wonderful Choklat from Southern Tier which lived up to my expectations and beyond with a smooth chocolate hit and clinging to your taste buds for dear life. I see from the list they have their Creme Bulee beer, not sure on that one but could be interesting.

So if you in London for this weekend this is the place to head to.

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