Thursday, 19 April 2012

Redefining Smooth...

Apparently Caffrey's is redefining smooth by having their beer for sale in.....

...wait for it.......

aluminium bottles.


Whilst the campaign is very pretty and glossy, as spotted in one of the monthly magazines I picked up over the weekend, it just seems a bit of a crap point to sell your beer on.

I'm sure these bottles have been used before by one of the major brands and it just seems daft. The adverts themselves are moodily shot with models but the bottle jars with the image.


  1. I asked Kristy from Coors about aluminium bottles, and she said that an aluminium bottle isn't a bottle shaped can. Not seeing it myself.

    Years ago Boddies (I think they were a whitbread brand at the time) had an extension called "gold", a slightly stronger smooth widget keg beer. I think they were retailing the Boddies "pub ale" sold in the US to a UK market.

    Anyway, they did widget smooth beer in a bottle for a while, though it was a glass bottle. Guinness have also tried it.

    Cafferys was a biggish brand of the 90's. Not sure why it died, it just seemed to. The relaunch, as far as I can see, is supermarket only.

  2. Not so Cookie, according to Talking Retail website, Coors have spent over 1 million with glassware and new pumps to match.

    It's just the selling of metal bottle... seriously in a woman's magazine, as if its going to make us all race out there for it?

  3. Glass recycling is pretty well established - metal recycling less so. I'd be concerned about the waste of resources purely to have a unique marketing gimmick.

    They'd be better marketing an improved (perhaps real) version of Caffrey's, with a new name - Caffrey's Premium or some such - rather than trying to resurrect a spent brand from the grave.

  4. Maybe its like Stella Black. A pub brand I've never seen in any pub. Coors are using the metal bottles for Coors Light too.

    I think I remember a bloke that used to drink Caffreys in its earlier incarnation. He stopped and started on something weaker complaining Caffreys gave him head aches and got him into fights. Not sure whether it used to be wifebeater strength or not, but it had a higher ABV. He still got into fights.