Monday, 9 April 2012

Brentwood Brewing Co's Golden Crust Ale

3.7% Abv

This beer has an odd brewing history, original recipe by Brentwood Brewing Co but brewed by Wolf Brewery in Norfolk for the Golden Crust & Co. a bit of long and slightly confusing tale of brewing, considering as far as I'm aware that Brentwood is still a goer.


However the ale itself is a nice easy going pint, golden hued with a persistent foamy head that lasts well. Lovely malty biscuit bite to its faint toffee smell, it would make a nice session beer.

Possibly a good beer for gaming, tastes good but not punchy as to distract from what you are doing. In fact it is this style of beer that I miss seeing in London, hoppy beers are the norm and whilst I don't mind hoppy beers I prefer miles and stouts. I know that not everyone does but the middle ground to me of bitters is now a thin line, I would like to see at least one beers like this on a bar. Even Brewdog does Blitz which whilst hoppy had a lovely malty biscuit bite too.

When at home I have McMullens AK which I would say is in a similar line to Golden Crust, both are lovely pints but just won't set the world alight.


  1. "I prefer miles and stouts." A long walk to your local, is it?

    I'm an occasional dark beer drinker only, but I do like Caledonian Double Dark Oatmeal Stout (4.6%), which is odd because I don't like any other beer from that brewery, including the ones that are more my type.

  2. One day I'll catch these errors before day.