Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pubs & Food

I think that the only thing which will kill off the beer movement is food.

Or lack of......

Yes, designer snacks which are meat based are lovely but where Wetherspoons and Nicholsons work better than craft pubs is that they have a menu of food that can be quickly brought to the table, for the table.

Some folk are lazy, once you are at a place that you like and nab a table, a group of folks can remain there for a long time. Food isn't the biggest part of the bill compared with drink but it is there. Pork pies which are popular in pubs now do nothing for group ordering, they are not things you can share out.

I can see where individual serving foods are from, wine bars. But then what craft pubs are missing is the fact that wine bars which are still going (and going well, last one I went to in Covent Garden was heaving!) have moved from these personal serving foods to tapas.

We, British are big ones for sharing food at a table, crisps are opened out wide for all to share. Platters, tapas or bowls of chips are popular, because again, they are great sharing foods.

The folks which have got into beer will move on to places where you can socialise and eat, beer is a novelty at the moment but soon that will fade off.

People will want to go to a place and settle for an evenings laughter and drinking and that includes food.


  1. It is possible to live of scotch eggs & cheap bitter as I did prior to meeting the squeeze. Platters? tapas? laughter? Why would anyone want that?

  2. You are sounding like a cardboard cut out Northerner that we are used to the BBC using for their programmes there Cookie!

    Please tell me the BBC lied and Northerners do laugh.......

    Possible to live on them yes, but would you really want to?

  3. I once laughed. 1996 I think it was. I was watching the news. I think it was related to something unfortunate happening to someone "doon sooth"